Sunday, April 11, 2010

Navratilova has breast cancer

In my teens, I was crazy about watching tennis. I really followed the game for a few years. Even have the newspaper cuttings from those times. Especially ones about Steffi Graf’s achievements.

Besides Graf, Martina Navratilova was another player whose matches I loved to watch. But the magic of the game died down for me after Graf’s retirement. Nowadays I don’t even know who is World No 1!

Then the other day I read about Navratilova getting breast cancer. She said she was shocked because she was always healthy.

But it’s not about being healthy. Many sportsmen, Lance Armstrong being the most famous, have got cancer.

This is a disease where one cannot say A has factor X so he/ she will not get it. Or A doesn’t have factor X, so he/ she will get it.

One must always stay a step ahead of it by being careful and going for tests. If at all one gets it, deal with it. Wage a war against it.

Above all, be aware. That is half the war won.

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