Monday, April 12, 2010

It has been 10 years

This September 7 will mark 10 years since my sister passed away.

I started reading on breast cancer some time before she died. But the past 10 years have been different. Back then I was reading with hope for her. Now I read with hope for everyone who has been or will be afflicted with breast cancer.

My reading has also helped me learn about many people through the world who raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. Some work towards awareness. Almost everyone has had a loved one afflicted with it. Nancy Brinker, my inspiration, began Susan G Komen for the Cure, which is today the largest source of private funds in the world, for breast cancer research. One woman, Polly Letofsky, walked across the world for five years to raise money. Another family has started an annual walk. There are so many people doing so many different things.

This blog is my attempt to do something.

What can I do this year?


Project said...

Hi, saw your mail and now went through your blog.
Yes, not just abroad but even here in india there are many women who have come out in open and are doing a lot on spreading awareness as you mentioned to win 50% of the battle.I am proud that my mother is one such 'champion who drives and reaches to various parts of India just to educate people on cancer specially Breast, cervix and oral cancers. I was fortunate to be part of her campaign very actively since 2006.
She is now preparing for her 2010 expedition on Breast cancer.

you can call her on 098812 32744

Project said...

oops i forgot to write my name -Tista Joseph