Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cold caps, comfort bags

It amazes me each time I learn about the way someone is helping breast cancer patients.
My friend who lives in the USA sent me a mail recently about the Rapunzel project. Two survivors have come together to set it up there.
Women need not lose their hair due to the toxins during chemotherapy. This can be prevented with the use of ‘cold caps’. Apparently, they have been used in Europe for a long time. The US is getting to know them. The caps, worn during the treatment, keep the head cold and prevent the toxins from destroying hair follicles.
The only problem is that they have to be kept cold at an extreme temperature. Two friends, Shirley and Nancy have started the project to raise funds to purchase special freezers for hospitals to keep these caps.

Another way to keep the head cool during chemotherapy is by keeping the leaves of the castor plant on it.

The New Hanover Regional Medical Centre’s comfort bags are another unique idea begun in 1998.The bags contain ‘Love, Medicine and Miracles’ a book of encouragement by Bernie Seagal, ‘There is no place like hope’ a book on how to fight cancer by Vicki Gerard, a small pillow to be kept between the car’s seat belt and the patient’s chest after surgery, a planner to note down doctor’s appointments, peppermints to help prevent sore throats due to chemotherapy and a satin cover for the pillow kept under the patient’s head, among others. Small things, which can make a big difference to a patient.

Perhaps someone is already doing something unique to help more patients. Write to me and let me know.

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