Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink ribbon vs pink chaddi

Last year, scores of pink chaddis were sent to protest the actions of Pramod Muthalik of Sri Ram Sene, whose party members beat up girls who had gone to a pub as ‘it is not the Indian culture’ etc. After a group of youngsters asked others to send pink underwear to the party’s office as a form of protest, many were sent from all across India. I didn’t send any for I felt he didn’t even deserve this much attention.

For the past five years I have worn a pink ribbon through October for international breast cancer awareness month. I am still asked what it is for. When the pink chaddi campaign was going on, I couldn’t help but wonder how people latched on to it while many are not aware of the pink ribbon, something that has been used for years as a symbol for a disease.

I am even asked if the pink ribbon I wear is for AIDS. That also shocks me, as for years the red ribbon has been used for that cause, and is always in our face from posters and TV ads. That’s why people spending money just to send pink chaddis to some man sitting in Karnataka annoyed me. Why can’t someone send a pink ribbon for an awareness campaign?

I want whoever has read this, to send a pink ribbon to a woman they love, with the following message. And please follow it up.

The pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness

Early detection is still the surest way of completely treating breast cancer.

I want you to go for a mammogram and a physical check up.

Because I care about you.

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