Sunday, June 5, 2016

50 for Aradhana

Aradhana (Athavale) Chitnis

Dear Stranger,

I need your help to mark a birthday. No, it’s not like one with the big party, cake and fun. In a way it is a celebration as it is my sister’s birthday. But she is no longer with us. Hence, I want your help to mark it. 
For this, I want you to convince the woman you are most close to, it may be your sister, or wife, mother, cousin or a friend, to get an examination for breast cancer. She should go for a physical examination by a doctor and get a sono mammogram. The idea is that by my sister’s 50th birthday on September 5, I want at least 50 women screened for breast cancer, and with good (negative) test results. You also have to write to me your relation to the woman and why you convinced her to go for it, and the results. Please also send me a picture (of yourself if you have gone for the examination) of the person you convinced and yourself, and where you hail from.
There’s nothing in it for me but the satisfaction that 50 women got themselves screened. And they thought about my sister, Aradhana. There’s only relief in it for you when your loved one gets negative results. But if at all it is positive, she stands a good chance at survival. Staying a step ahead of breast cancer is still the only way to survive it.
Why would you do this? Because I may not know you, but I do know the pain of losing my sister, and I don’t want you to go through it. Every person is loved and his or her absence makes a world of difference to someone. Don’t let that someone be you. It’s a small medical examination, but it will save more people than one. Most of all, it will save you.



This campaign is over. But you can write to me.